Tuesday, July 7, 2015

XCodeToIPA (Part 2) FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ for the "XCodeToIPA (Part 2)" video that I released. Whenever someone asks me a question about this video and I am able to get a working answer for them, I will also be uploading the question and answer here. Here they are:

Q: Can I remove the popup that says "dl.dropboxusercontent would like to install <appname>" after I click on "Install"?
A: Sorry, no you cannot! If you could, it would be a system vulnerability. This is due to the fact that the install button is ACTUALLY a link, and if you were to be automatically redirected to a link like that, someone could install a malicious app right onto your iDevice! If the popup stays, however, then you can just "Deny" the app from being put onto your device. So, Apple decided to keep the popup there with force.

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